Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Sleeper and the Spindle Quick Review

The Sleep and the Spindle is the latest Neil Gaiman graphic novel to be published by Bloomsbury. The story is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but it's also kind of a re-imagining of Snow White after she is woken from her poisoned sleep.

The book contains one of the best author and illustrator combinations there possibly may ever be by pairing Gaiman with Riddell for the 4th time in their careers. This time however, where the previous works relied heavily on Gaimian's stories, The Sleeper and the Spindle equally relies on the beautiful imagery that Riddell creates. That is not to say that this is a typical graphic novel, none of the story is told just using the pictures and without the words the images would not join together and make sense; but without Riddell's work the book would fall flat.

Yes, I hate to admit it but even though Gaimian's retelling is clever, it is lacking the usual finesse I have come to expect from his work. The pacing felt off, the words were not as captivating and overall I think it would have floundered on it's own. On this occasion Riddell's illustrations turn The Sleeper and the Spindle into a work of art rather than a slightly lacking short story. I will keep this novel on my shelves in a place of pride purely for how beautiful it is.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Why do You Love Something?

Do you ever really enjoy something, but when you're expected to eloquently describe exactly why you do love something you fall down at the first hurdle? Part of the time I want to shout "because I just do", other times I want to protectively hide my reasoning away so that no one can pick holes in my logic. Most of the time I just dig deep, buck up and try to come up with some reasons to explain why things are just so GOOD.

Some of the time though even though I know why I like something, it's hard to put that into a review. It's hard because sometimes things just are good. I recently read Heir of  Fire, and when I post my review of it I know it's not going to be well done. Perhaps it's because this series is no longer new, the things I like I have mentioned before. There are some new characters in it and new decisions and directions, but most of the characters and the writing for me are now old friends. How do you describe and old friend? They are no longer amazing for the reasons that initially drew you in. They are not flawless. They do not sparkle like a shiny penny any more. There are things you don't like mixed in now and they don't always make you happy; instead you become attached to them with a deeper feeling that's indescribable but unavoidable. You just love them because you have spent so much time with them that they just are constants in your life.

Maybe it's because they're no longer exciting and new so I don't want to gush about them any more and instead quietly appreciate them. I'm not sure. I thought I'd just write a post about it to see if anyone has experienced anything similar?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Beautiful Books | Penguin Chalk Collection

These penguin chalks books are so beautiful I felt I had to share them. There are six books so far in the collection (two sets of 3 by two different designers) and each book is exceptionally well made. It's unusual to see this level of detail go into a paperback book but each book has deckled edges and cover flaps making them feel a lot more expensive than they actually are. I just love to stare at this collection. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Harry Potter US Boxset Review

I know most booktubers got this boxset for Christmas, but I still wanted to do a photo heavy review for those thinking of buying it.

Firstly the box the set comes in looks like this:

Pretty! But unfortunately I find the box a bit tight and it means it's really hard to get the books out and back in again. I've actually banged up one of the books trying to get it out and put it back which is really annoying. No matter how pretty this box is, it's a little impractical.

All the books together form a scene of Hogwarts castle, which I unfortunately forgot to photograph the right way up.

The books themselves are made of a lovely matte feeling cover and the pages seem very sturdy and well bound. It's unfortunate that they decided to re-print these with all the American changes (like Sorcerer's Stone instead of Philosopher's Stone) because now most of the HP community know all the original English titles, names etc... But what can you do?

I'll include the rest of the pictures in a read more section below for those of you who don't want to see any more of them and just wanted to find out about the boxset.

Overall I am very pleased with the books, they are very well done and the cover art is absolutely stunning. I love the pastel colours and there is a lot of purple and blue running through the art work which I love as they are some of my favourite colours. I definitely think any HP fanatic will be happy to have this on their shelves.

Hope you enjoyed these photo's!

Monday, 21 July 2014

7 Years Since Harry Potter

Today it has been 7 years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released.

I wanted to mark this momentous occasion with more than just a tweet. In those 7 years I have defeated anxiety and depression, completed all my schooling with a first class degree and moved out of my parents house. My first ever copies of each Harry Potter book now sit on my shelves in a place of pride, but yellowing and in some instances damaged after being loved too much by my young hands. I have since acquired a set of American editions, but I also want another set of UK ones because let's face it, the UK ones are really how it's meant to be read no matter how pretty my American ones are. 

7 years feels like a tremendously long time, yet it is less than a decade, and I have already acquired just over two of those. Still, no matter how many decades I add, nor how yellow and destroyed my first copies get, Harry Potter will always have a place of pride on my bookshelves and in my heart. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

YALC - Saturday Wrap Up

On Saturday 12th of July I went to YALC. YALC, for those of you that don't know, stands for Young Adult Literary Convention. This was it's first year and it took place in London as part of London Film and Comic Convention. Organised by Malorie Blackman herself the event was created to celebrate some of the very best Children's and Young Adult fiction. As the UK really doesn't have anything of the sort it was a very big event, much bigger than I believe the organisers were anticipating, but I'll get onto why I felt like that later.

We arrived at Earls Court at about 11.30 having already bought our tickets online so we were allowed straight in. If you ever plan on going to something at LFCC then buying your tickets online is a must! People were queuing for hours to get tickets out in the midday heat, and it was definitely hot out for England. When we got there the cloakroom was already full which at first I wasn't too bothered about as I started off travelling quite light but then I bought a few more books so by the end of it I (and by I what I actually mean is my boyfriend) was struggling under the weight of all those paperbacks.

While I was there I met a few bloggers, vloggers and publishers who I'd gotten to know through various social networking sites, and it was lovely to finally meet people in person. Although, I have to say most of my interactions with people were disappointingly brief because of how hectic the whole event was. Everyone was busy trying to get into one queue or another for signings and so it left very little time for socialising, at least that was my experience. Some of the wonderful girls I met included Lucy, Amber, Helen, Cait, and a few others briefly.

Helen took this photo of the three of us. 

I didn't get many pictures of the area unfortunately but here's some of what Sarah was up to when I first bumped into her. 

For most of the event me and Sarah stayed together, first going to the Malorie Blackman signing for Sarah, I didn't bring my copy of Noughts and Crosses because I haven't read it and didn't think I would be queuing up unfortunately. Sarah got a hug out of Malorie for her involvement in the YALC fan trailer which was really sweet but I didn't manage to catch it on camera. 

We then started to queue up for Rainbow Rowell which was horrendous. The queue started ages before Rainbow even started signing, she started late because she had come from a panel, the queue system was just terrible in general with Rainbow being in a completely impractical place meaning that the queue ended up intersecting one queue and curving around on itself. In the end I left Sarah in that queue with my books so I could queue up with both our books for Patrick Ness and we wouldn't miss out on him. The Patrick Ness queue was then crazy, confusing and again in an impractical place for such a large queue. Luckily though while queuing for Patrick Ness I also managed to get a book signed by Marcus Sedgwick who I thought I might have to miss out on.

After that Sarah was pretty much done and I didn't blame her, I just wanted to get back home and shower as quickly as possible. She left the convention with a friend and went off in search for food and a place to relax. I stayed for one more signing and managed to get pretty much to the front to get my copy of the Elites signed as soon as Natasha Ngan was ready (I was 4th in line and pretty proud of myself). I still only stayed at the event until about 4.20.

I didn't get to go to any workshops or panels while I was there, the panels were ticketed and were practically sold out by the time I was there and the workshops filled up just as quickly, the area they were hosted in was just too small. On top of that I didn't have any time to attend either of those things and get all the books I wanted signed so I had to sacrifice something.

Overall I'm really glad I went to YALC but I also really think they need to improve it if they have it next year. Initially I was happy it was part of LFCC because my boyfriend wanted to go to that and I wanted to have a wander round some of the stalls as well but actually having experienced it now I know that having it at LFCC was an awful idea. LFCC was heaving. It was so bad you could barely move at the beginning, it took 20 minutes to get from one end of the building to the other as a result. When I got to the YALC part I didn't actually want to leave it anyway because the walk there was so traumatic. However, because YALC was planned to be a small thing it was tucked away at the very other end of the building in the corner and there was no where near enough space for the sheer volume of people queuing up at the signings.

By the end of it I was fed up, far too sweaty and in a bit of a bad mood. It's a day later and my shoulder is really hurting from the amount of books I carried. Next time it really needs to be in it's own building with it's own cloakroom for people to drop books off and pick them up and it NEEDS to have better queuing areas (with hopefully some air conditioning). I also think maybe talks and workshops should have been ticketed before hand? I mean if you planned to go to any of the later ones but still got there at 1 o'clock you would have had no chance at getting anything.

However, it was a great experience for hundreds of people to meet authors and publishers they wouldn't have been able to otherwise and for everyone to just get together an celebrate our combined love of books. The volume of people, while annoying to my social reclusive side, was very encouraging to my geeky reader side. I am immensely happy that Malorie Blackman is championing UKYA.

Here's my tips for if you're planning on going next year and nothing changes:

  • Book in advanced anything and everything you can!
  • Don't bring too many books, your shoulders are not going to thank you and you probably won't have enough time for every author. If you bring lots of books then bring a wheely suitcase or something. 
  • Do bring water and snacks, the queues for food and drink were pretty long, we didn't have time to stand in them, food was probably over priced etc... if I didn't have my boyfriend saving my bacon by being very thoughtful I probably would have passed out from dehydration. 
  • Do have a buddy system. Arrange with another person, or a group of people, before the day to meet up and go to specific signings. That way you're not queuing for authors you could have books for but don't and you make sure you can get all the books you want signed even if you have to split up. 
  • Go to the loo before you get into queuing mode. Trust me, there won't be another opportunity until after you're done. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. It's hot and you're going to be standing around for hours. 
  • Make time and arrange to talk to all the people you want to before or after the signings. If you're hoping to just catch people then you're probably only going to get a few brief words with them.  
But like I said, while I had a few issues with the event I got to spend the day in good company being excited over books which is all I really cared about. 

Onto all the books and swag because I know that's what you really want to see. 

Here's the swag I picked up for myself:

I may be doing a little giveaway for some swag as I did pick up quite a few doubles. That was Sarah's idea. all credit goes to her for being more thoughtful than me.

I also got two tote bags:

I bought and swapped for a few books while I was there:

I bought The Duff, Tease, Vivian Versus America & The Illusionist and swapped for Leopold Blue (Hot Key had this awesome little swap station where if you brought a book you could take a book). 

The books I brought with me to have signed were:

Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Frearsome Dreamer (but Laure also signed The Illusionist as well) Midwinter Blood, The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Elites. 

Most of the authors didn't have very long to talk with you and signed pretty generic things but that's understandable considering how manic it was. My favourite inscription was Laure Eve's, but here's a few:

If you want to find out more about what events happened at YALC as today is the last day it is on then check the website out here